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Unix Programming Assignment Help, Online Assignment Solution

Unix is a well-established family of operating systems that is so widespread and used in various parts of the world. Being an integral part of many servers, personal computers, and embedded devices, understanding Unix and being able to program Unix devices is an integral part of any Computer Science course.
In many colleges and universities across the globe, many students face a challenge whenever they encounter Unix programming assignments. Most of these students are always exposed to non-Unix computers and when they get to college where they are required to program Unix, it becomes a major challenge.
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What is Unix

Unix is a family of computer operating systems developed in the 1990s by Denis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. Unix became the first portable operating system developed almost entirely in the C programming language.
Some of the early adopters of Unix were Microsoft (Xenix), IBM (AIX), the University of California (BSD), and Sun Microsystems (Solaris). Today Unix is more widespread and one of the most common platforms where average users get to interact with a Unix system is on the Mac OS.

Distinguishing Features Of Unix

Unix is portable

Having been written in a high-level programming language, Unix is portable across various computing platforms. Originally, the operating system was meant for programmers who wanted to develop machine-independent software. As it developed, Unix itself became more portable and today, the majority of Unix users are not even programmers.

Multi-user operation

Unix is designed to be a multi-user system where several users can share the resources of the same computer simultaneously. These operating systems are also built to support multitasking and several processes can be run simultaneously.

Hierarchical file system

Unix systems store information in a hierarchical manner which is more flexible and reflects the natural state of information storage. These kinds of systems have proved to be easy to implement and maintain and they are more efficient than other file systems.

Unix shell

The shell works together with the kernel to bridge the gap between the user and the architecture details of the software. Through the shell, users can type in commands which can be executed by the computer. It also provides a means of scripting where users can create short scripts containing commands which would be hierarchically executed by the computer whenever that script is run.

Advantages of Unix

  1. Unix systems are generally more secure compared to other operating systems.
  2. Most Unix systems are open systems. This means users can readily access their code, modify, and redistribute.
  3. Unix OS is portable across various platforms.
  4. Having been built originally for programmers, Unix operating systems still stand out as the most appropriate for programmers.

The Unix Programming Interface

The original idea behind Unix was to create an operating system that would be used as a software development environment. The various Unix and Unix-like operating systems out there have remained true to this course and many programmers, software engineers and systems admins prefer using Unix systems for their professional tasks. Unix programming can be classified into the following:

Shell scripting

Shell scripting makes it possible for users to automate various tasks in Unix systems. Once the script has been developed, all that remains is to run the script and all the commands will be executed. Unlike in the earlier versions of Unix, shell scripting today is more advanced and it almost matches real programming languages. For example, shell scripts today involve the use of variables, data types, and decision-making statements.

Unix systems programming

One of the important skills any Unix programmer should have is the development of Unix system processes and daemons. As mentioned earlier, Unix systems are open and users have the liberty to modify the code to match their wants. This gives programmers the power to develop daemons for their systems which can be used to make their work even much easier. However, a good knowledge of C, and by extension C++, is required here because Unix is mainly based on C.

X-window programming

The X-window is the graphical interface built on top of the Unix kernel. As a Unix programmer, developing Unix applications for use by average Unix desktop users is a must-have skill.

Unix Programming Assignment Help

Unix programming is a vast topic that requires solid programming skills and massive amounts of knowledge to be good at. From the above details, it is clear that Unix programming is not something students can learn in just a few months, and therefore achieving good grades in such assignments may be a nightmare for many.
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