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Programming Assignment Helper provides Android App assignment Help to students facing problems in getting their Android-related tasks done. We have experts who can help you overcome all your issues and provide you with the right solution.  We are an established site and possess valuable experience in the field of academic writing. You can be assured that your android project assignment will lie in the hands of a certified developer who is highly qualified and can provide Android assignment help of any sort.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system (usually has a green robot for its logo) used on mobile devices. It is currently used for the functioning of smartphones, notebooks, automobiles, smartwatches, TVs, etc. Android was developed by Google and has Linux as its base kernel. For this reason, our team of experts who provide help with Android assignments has expertise in Linux and all android related features and programming languages.Android is only growing with time and is currently the leading mobile operating system present on numerous devices. Its increased popularity has led to the sprouting of a plethora of hybrid courses that are offered in Universities and colleges across the world.
Students pursuing these courses have to fulfill many programming tasks in form of assignments and projects in order for them to get the certification. Despite being popular, Android programming is not at all as rosy as it may seem. Learning it does come with a share of complexities and troubles. However, you do not have to fret when you are allotted an intricate android project that you cannot complete on your own. ProgrammingAssignmentHelper.com can help you overcome all the difficult aspects of Android programming. Avail of our Android APP project help now and rid yourself of all your Android troubles. If you are aspiring to be a developer in the Android domain then we are the right people to contact. It does not matter which topic or concept that you are struggling with, our team of professional developers can handle it. Whether it is adding orientation to your app using sensors like Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, and GPS or using all the major UI components to make a UI-rich app, our Android APP assignment Help has got you covered.

Why most students struggle with Android programming

Android is widely used because it can be customized easily and it is free for use. However, students often get all hung up when it comes to android related programming work. Our professional experts have identified the points below as the reasons why most students struggle when faced with android assignment questions:

  • Lack of knowledge in the subject

The Android subject involves many complex concepts that are very difficult to comprehend. For example, a number of students are not acquainted with the importance of fragmentations in Android Programming. Wrong or negligible use of software fragmentations can be a solid roadblock in your android programming journey.  Furthermore, many students also are not knowledgeable about the different versions of the software that have been launched. You do not have to risk your grades by attempting android programming assignments you do not have adequate knowledge of. Sign up for our help service and let our android developers suffer the stress on your behalf. Our experts can use the Java programming language to build Android apps. They can get your android studio assignments that involve storing and manipulating data using Content Providers, Shared Preferences and Notifications did even on short notices.

  • Lack of overall Android programming Experience

There are numerous aspects of Android programming that can prove to be difficult for novice students. As we know, the Android operating system is very vulnerable to many malware that interferes with the overall performance of the system. Security implementations are therefore very vital to android programs. Inexperienced students may not take enough security precautions since they are not aware of such malware against which to protect the project. If you are an amateur in programming then we recommend that you get help with your android lab assignments from our experts. Our adept and proficient developers will use all the major components of the Android API set to develop your app. They will also take into consideration all the best practices for security that you might not be aware of. We guarantee you that our developers will write a robust android program for your project.

  • Lack of time and pressure due to other assigned academic tasks

College students usually have a lot on their plate. Programming students trying to learn the ropes of Android programming have to learn so many units in a single semester. This means that the student has to deal with numerous assignments which may lead to pressure build-up and poor learning practices. When you fall into this predicament the best way to proceed is to outsource our service. We will ensure you get all the help you need respective of what your project entails. Our experts have helped students from diverse backgrounds with assignments that deal with describing the life cycle of activities, applications, and fragments. They know UI best-practices and are acquainted with the new UI components like Fragments and the Action Bar. Signing up with us does not only guarantee you top grades in your Android project but also gives you free time to focus on other important components of your study.

These are only but a few of the many issues that hamper the learning curve of students in Android programming. ProgrammingAssignmetHelper.com is here to ensure that none of these problems get in the way of you achieving academic success in Android programming. Our experts have worked in all the segments of Android programming and are familiar with all the concepts and topics. Our clients are guaranteed complete satisfaction with the programs we deliver to them. We are highly regarded by students in countries such as the USA, UK, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and many more because:

  • We cater to all topics in Android programming

Our professional developers have both the experience and expertise in programming. They can draft your project regardless of the programming language or the platform that must be used. Our dedicated experts are very educated in Android programming and boast extensive knowledge in all the topics that are taught in colleges and universities. They definitely can handle background processing with Services and AsyncTasks, develop a program that sends and receive SMS messages programmatically and, package and prepares your app for distribution on the Google Play Store. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for help in segments such as Location, media, images, composite, maps, animations, threads, HTTP client, and many more.

  • 24*7 customer support live service

Our clients do not have to wait for an agreed time before they can have their queries resolved. Our team of customer support executives works round the clock to ensure that our clients are happy. You can get in touch with them both during the day and late at night and have all your qualms cleared. If you have issues with the assignment you have received or want to pass a message to our experts then talk to our customer representatives. They are the bridge between the clients and the experts. You can chat with them via email or engage them in a live conversation on our live chat platform.

Benefits our clients enjoy when they avail our services

  • Flawless programs for your project

We only deliver error-free assignments to our clients. Our experts will go through the program and debug all the errors before it is submitted to you. The program you will receive is guaranteed of working exactly as required. We have a quality assurance team that ensures that every assignment we solve for our clients does not compromise on quality and has no traces of plagiarism.

  • Top grade guarantee

We have hired only the best experts to assist students with their Android projects. Your program will be written by a developer with both in-depth knowledge and practical experience in Android programming. Our experts will customize the program as per your specification and produce exactly what you wanted. The project will have a positive mark on your professor and you will be awarded an A+ grade. When you avail of our service you are sure of scoring top grades without breaking a sweat. Our experts are committed to your academic success and will only deliver an impressive solution.

  • Delivery on time

We know that most students are procrastinators and only tackle their assignments when the due date is almost approaching. This means that they rush with the project and end up doing a shady job. Do not miss your deadline by leaving your assignment until it is too late. Send us your assignment as soon as it has been allotted to you. This will save you from all the worries and panic attacks that accompany when the deadline is fast approaching. Our experts are professional and can handle assignments with stringent deadlines. We guarantee you that you will have your project ready within the given time frame. We also encourage you to use our assignment tracker facility to know the status of your project.

  • We charge fair rates

We believe that our clients deserve full value for their money. This is why we offer a mix of both top quality and affordable rates. Our rates are very economical and can be afforded by even the students from low financial backgrounds. Additionally, we also offer amazing discounts and exciting offers to our clients who avail of our services repeatedly. You can pay us through PayPal, credit cards, or debit cards.

  • We offer free unlimited revisions on all the assignments we write

Our professional experts always strive to deliver flawless and impeccable solutions to our clients. However, if in some rare cases, the client may find that something is missing or something needs to be changed in the project. In such cases, the student can request a revision. Our experts will revise your project and make all the necessary changes until you are completely satisfied. You only have to ensure that your request conforms to the specifications you had sent to us earlier when placing your order.

We have provided a sample to demonstrate the quality of Android APP Assignment Help.

TASK: You are required to develop and implement an Android application that meets the specifications listed below: The user should be able to switch on the camera on the tablet or mobile phone and take photos of objects. These objects can be fruits, people, a business card, or any other. The user should also be able to load the images of the objects captured from the current device. The image loaded from the camera should be transferred automatically to a machine learning cloud service such as MS Azure, Amazon, Google, or any other for processing. The processing will produce a recognition result which can be a fruit (banana, apple, etc.), characteristics of the face (age, gender, number of faces, etc.), text (job title, contact details for a business card, name, etc.) or other. These recognition results are then sent back to the app in a text format. The user should be able to see the results displayed on the app (JSON format should be removed), be able to edit and save to a local database along with the image. The app should also display all the images and results in a list format for the user to see, edit and then save. Please refer to the screenshots below for more information:

  • You should create this Android project on your own using Android Studio. If you convert your Android project from Eclipse or submit a non-Android Studio project then it will be rejected. You are not allowed to use an existing Android Studio project that has already been used by other developers to implement your project.
It is not possible to capture a photo using the camera on the emulator,  for this reason, the following test will be accepted: Click Capture button -> camera is on -> take a photo -> click OK (accept) to close camera -> display a blank item name and blank result on Activity 8 -> edit these items on Activity 4 -> click Save -> display Activity 2. Examples of Margin and padding.