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Essential Components of Data Flow Diagram

The data flow diagram is embodied with three key components. Let’s visualize them

  • Data flow

This is the route by which data bits pass in the system. In most cases, the data movement is represented using an arrow. The head points the direction towards which the data is coming from.

  • Process

This is the activity carried out by data. The process is presented in a circle to show the function and process of the data flow diagram.

  • External entities

These are aspects recognized in users’ work environments by tracking. External entities in the data flow context are; start the engine, problem check, and restart routines, to mention a few. For more insights into external entities, you can download comprehensive data flow diagram assignment help materials from our website.

  • Datastores

This is where all data is stored within the system. Datastore is presented in a rectangle when drawing a data flow diagram.

Specific Guidelines to Adhere to While Drawing Data Flow Diagram

  • While drawing BLACK HOLE show inputs but not outputs
  • Avoid drawing datastore to datastore entities
  • With GREY HOLE show outputs but not inputs
  • Data flow arrows should be straight

Levels of Data Flow Diagrams

Data in an information technology system passes through three fundamental levels.

  • Context level

It’s popularly known as ‘level 0.’ It’s usually positioned at the top of the diagram. Context level contains one node that generalizes the functions of the entire system.

  • Intermediate level

Here the data flow diagram is explored in different intermediaries.

  • Elementary level

At this level, all details of the data flow diagram are presented explicitly.

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  • Data storage on one another
  • Data flow process
  • Checkmark symbols
  • The interrelation of external entities
  • Data processing prerequisites
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