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Operating System Assignment Help

The study of operating systems is something you will never miss in a computer science class because they form a fundamental part of the computer devices being used today. The study of these operating systems is, however, a complicated subject with many technicalities that always make students fret.
Being that operating systems interact directly with the hardware resources, they always involve the use of low-level protocols, features, and programming languages which in most cases are too complex for students to comprehend. Assignments that are given in this course usually make the situation even worse because a majority of students always end up with poor grades.
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We have hired highly experienced experts who have worked with various operating systems and they have an in-depth understanding of how each one of them works. Through our website, you will be able to get in touch with these professionals who will provide you with assignment help, project help, and tuition services with regard to your study of operating systems.

A brief overview of operating systems

An operating system is a piece of computer software that manages hardware resources and other software programs on the computer. It acts as an intermediary between the hardware and the user applications by providing services such as resource allocation, storage, and memory management.
Operating systems are found on most computer devices today including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, servers, game consoles, etc. With the various devices in existence today that require operating systems, several operating systems have been developed precisely to match the different requirements of each device. Discussed below are the different types of operating systems in existence today.

  • Distributed operating systems

This is an operating system that manages a group of independent computers and makes them appear to be a single computer. Normally, computation is carried out on more than one machine but the cooperation of the several computers is all brought under one OS. Some of the distributed operating systems in use include Amoeba, Plan9, and LOCUS.

  • Real-time operating systems

A real-time system is one that processes data at a particular interval of time. The time taken by the system to process inputs and provide a response is so minimal that it always seems as if the inputs control the environment.

  • Single-tasking and multi-tasking operating systems

A single-tasking system is one that can run one program at a time while a multi-tasking system can concurrently run several programs at a time. Multi-tasking is made possible by time-sharing where the available processor time is divided among multiple processes and each one of them allowed to run for some specific time before they are interrupted at some given interval.

  • Single-user and multi-user operating systems

A single-user system is basically an OS that only supports the use of all computer resources by one user. Multi-user systems facilitate the use of computer resources by several users and they allow several users to interact with the computer system at the same time.

  • Embedded operating systems

These are operating systems designed to be used in embedded devices. Naturally, these operating systems are built to operate with minimal computing resources because the devices they are built for are resource-constrained. They are also very compact and efficient by design.

Topics we cover under operating systems

We are very keen on ensuring we provide comprehensive coverage of the whole course and this is why most of our clients have remained with us over the years. Our experts are proficient in any topic you may encounter in your study of operating systems. You, therefore, don’t have to worry much about the topic troubling you because our experts know it all.
Some of the most frequent topics we usually encounter in the course of our work include:
  • Process scheduling and scheduling algorithms
  • Multithreading
  • Memory management
  • System structure
  • OS security
  • I/O software and Hardware

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