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  • Haskell Assignment Help, Assignment Solution
  • Features of Haskell Language
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Haskell Assignment Help, Assignment Solution

Haskell is a functional programming language that enables programmers to write simpler and cleaner codes. A special degree is being offered in many universities across the world because of its increased significance in the programming world.

Features of Haskell Language

It is a statically typed language

all expressions in Haskell have a type that is established during compile time. A function application composes these types together and ensures that they match up. The compiler rejects the program if the types don’t match. The types are a form of expressing the construction of programs and a form of guarantee.

Haskell is a purely functional Language

all the functions in Haskell are mathematical in sense. They are produced by pure code and describes what they do. The language has no statements or instructions. There are only expressions that cannot mutate variables.

Haskell has type Inference

Programmers using the Haskell language don’t have to explicitly write out every time in a program. The programmer can ask the compiler to write the types for him/her. Every type is unified bi-directionally to create an inference.

Haskell is a concurrent language

The explicit handling of the effects nature of the language makes it suitable for concurrent programming. It is equipped with a flagship compiler, GHC which comes with a light-weight concurrency library and a high-performance parallel garbage collector. The concurrency library contains a number of useful concurrency primitives and abstractions.

Haskell is a lazy language

Programs in Haskell can compose together perfectly because functions don’t evaluate their arguments. The programmer can write control constructs like if and else just by writing normal functions. It is also easy to fuse chains of functions together thus guaranteeing performance benefits.

Haskell has a wide range of packages

These packages are available on the public package servers. Haskell has a very active open source contribution.

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