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Java is an object-oriented language that is concurrent, class-based that is intended to let application developers “write anywhere and run anywhere”. Java does not need recompilation and can run on all platforms that support java. It has fewer low-level facilities than C and C++ where it derives much of its syntax from.
In this era of rampant technology, everything is on the internet. There are trillions of bytes being generated per day. To access this enormous data, everyone needs to request access to the network and await a response. Many people believe that all web applications are only created over web frameworks like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and many others. However, you should now know that web applications can also be based on Java using Java Servlets.

What are Java Servlets?

Java servlet is a program that has the extended capabilities of a standard server. The Servlet responds to any type of request, but they are commonly used to implement applications that are hosted on Web servers. The Web Servers are Java's counterpart to other dynamic Web Content technologies like PHP and ASP.Net. It runs inside JVM on the webserver.
If you like Java programming, then you will be glad to know that it offers a way of generating dynamic webpages. This is through Java servlet. So what are the properties of these servlets?
  • They work on the server-side
  • They can handle complex requests from the webserver

How servlets are executed

  • A request is sent to the webserver by the clients
  • The request is received by the webserver
  • A corresponding servlet receives the request from the webserver
  • The request is processed by the servlet and a response generated in the form of an output
  • This response is sent back to the web server by the servlet
  • The web server contacts the client with the response. The client browser, in turn, displays it on the screen.

Advantages of Java servlets

It Is Portable

The Servlet uses Java as the programming language because java is the language that is platform-independent, just like the servlets. For instance, it is possible to create a servlet on Windows OS that uses GlassFish as the webserver and run it later on the other Operating Systems like Unix, Linux with Apache tomcat web server. The feature makes the Servlet very advantageous because it is portable.

It is Scalable and Efficient

When a servlet is positioned and loaded on the webserver, it starts fulfilling the client’s requests immediately. The web server raises Servlet using a lightweight threat so that the client’s requests can be performed instantly using the multithreading feature in Java.

It is Robust

Having acquired the prime features that are found on Java, the Servlet is not prone to memory management problems or data loss. This makes web development using servlets more secure and reliable because you will rarely get errors therein.

Life Cycle of a Servlet

The main stages in a Servlet life cycle are the four mentioned below;

Loading the Servlet

This configuration object allows the servlet to access name-value initialization parameters from the web application.

Initializing the Servlet

In the initialization, the web container initializes the servlet by calling the init method.

Request handling

The requests are handled in their own separate thread. The container of the web calls the service method of the Servlet for every request.

Destroying the Servlet

The last stage encompasses the web container calling the destroy method, which takes the Servlet out of service. Just like the init in the initialization stage, the destroy method is also called once in the entire lifecycle.

Web Framework

It is also commonly known as Web Application Framework. It is software that is developed to support web development applications like web services, web resources, and Web APIs. They provide a standard way to build and deploy web applications on the World Wide Web. They aim to automate the overhead associated with common activities being performed in web development. For Example, most of the web frameworks offer libraries for database access, templating frameworks, and session management, and they often promote the reusing of code. The Enterprise Java Beans(EJB) is an example of a reusable java code.
There are mainly three types of Web frameworks

1. Model-view-controller (MVC)

Most frameworks follow the MVC architectural pattern to separate the data model with business rules from the UI. This is among the best practices as it modularizes code, promotes code reuse, and then allows multiple interfaces that are applied.

2. Three-tier organization

In this organization, the applications are structured around three physical tiers that include: client, application, and database. The applications contain the business logic, running on a server, and communicates with the client using HTTP.

3. General-purpose Website frameworks

The web frameworks function according to the architectural rules of browsers and web protocols like HTTP, which is stateless.
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Java is always used to create applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network. It has the following parts;

  • The java compiler

 checks the codes written by the developer against the java language’s syntax rules then write out a byte code. The byte code is a set of instructions that is targeted to run in a java virtual machine.

  • Java Virtual machine

it interprets and executes instructions at run-time on the native hardware platform for which it was written

  • The garbage collector

It is a memory management platform in java. It runs in the background and keeps track of all the objects the application no longer needs and reclaims memory from them.

  • The java development kit

this is a software development environment with a library of prebuilt utilities that help the developer accomplish the most common application-development tasks in java.

  • The java run-time environment

The JRE includes all the components that are necessary for running programs written in java languages such as code libraries and the JVM.

Java is most commonly used by programmers and developers because of the following features.

  • Simple

it does not have complex features like explicit memory allocation and multiple inheritances.

  • Robust language

Java is very reliable. It is developed to put emphasis on checking for possible errors early

  • Secure

It is impossible to exploit security flaws like buffer overflow and stack corruption in java

  • Distributed

java can be used to create distributed applications

  • Multi-threading

java allows the concurrent execution of two or more parts of a program to ensure maximum utilization of the CPU

  • Portable

The java code written on one machine can run in another machine without any modification.

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Since its first release in 1995, java has undergone a lot of advances and is now used with top technologies. It has gone on to be one of the most popular programming languages because:
  • It is object-oriented
  • It has a high performance
  • It has a neutral architecture
  • It has the possibility to be threaded and interpreted.
Mobile application developers such as Google and android have chosen Java as their main platform for developing applications. Java allows developers to create codes that can run on different platforms without recompilation.
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  • The control flow reaches the end of a non-void method without returning
  • Most students call methods with the wrong arguments and argument types
  • Confusing the operators of the assignment and comparison
  • Unbalanced parentheses, braces, and quotes. They also use these characters alternatively.
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