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SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a programming language that is used to communicate with databases. According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), SQL is the standard language used to manage relational databases and perform various operations on data or information stored in them. Since the conception of SQL, data administrators, system developers, and data analysts have benefited from the language as they have used it to write data integration scripts and set up or run analytical queries.
Common uses of SQL include modifying database index structures and tables, adding, deleting, or updating rows of data, and retrieving information from the database for analytics applications or transactions processing.SQL operations and queries take the form of commands often written as statements. The most widely used SQL statements include adding, select, update, insert, create, delete, truncate, and alter.
Being a powerful computer language, academic institutions have continued teaching SQL in order to prepare students for their careers as SQL programmers or database administrators. For this reason, professors issue SQL programming assignments to students to test their capability to perform various SQL operations. We all know how cumbersome completing SQL coding assignments can be due to the complex SQL concepts and many language elements that one has to key in. Incorrect input of the elements can cost a student the entire SQL project and locating where the error is can yield negative results.
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SQL Programming Assignment Help

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Components of SQL

SQL is not a general-purpose programming language. However, it contains some impressive in-built components that provide you with everything you need to create, maintain, modify, and secure a relational database. These components include:

  • Data Definition Language (DDL):

This element of SQL allows users to create or define a database, change its structure, and delete it when they no longer need it. Examples of commands used here include CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, and DROP TABLE

  • Data Manipulation Language (DML):

The DML holds the subset of SQL commands that are used most frequently. Usually, these commands are used to manipulate the contents of a database. DML allows users to retrieve data from a database, add data to the database, modify information stored in the database, and erase information from the database. Commands used here include SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

  • Data Control Language (DCL):

DCL is used to manage how different users access the database. This element allows database administrators to add database permission for users, or remove existing permissions. The most common commands used here include GRANT and REVOKE. These two commands form the basis of a relational database security model.

Whenever an SQL programmer enters commands in an SQL database, the above components translate the commands into SQL statements that the database can interpret. SQL is used to interact with relational databases. In fact, this is the only language that many databases understand.
SQL commands are easy to understand as they are designed with a syntax that is similar to the English language. A SQL command normally begins with a command statement that describes the action that needs to be taken, followed by a clause describing the target of the command, and finally additional instructions.
SQL statements can be understood even by people who are not programmers. For instance, let’s take a look at a SQL statement that reads:
FROM employees
WHERE employment_year = 2002
Simply reading the above statement aloud gives you a good idea of what the command is meant to do. In the real sense, the above statement accesses the employee’s table in the database and deletes records of all employees who were employed in 2002.

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Advantages of SQL

  • Portable:

SQL can run on PCs, mainframes, laptops, tablets, servers, and smartphones. It can also run on the Internet, intranet, and local systems. Additionally, SQL databases can be moved from one device to another without any problems.

  • Easy to learn and understand:

Commands in SQL programming are written using simple English phrases. This makes it easier to learn and write SQL queries.

  • Open source:

Free databases from MariaDB, Postgres, and MySQL, which means that the SQL database can be used at a low cost.

  • Interactive language:

Programmers often use SQL to talk to a database and get answers to questions easily and fast.

  • Complete package:

SQL can be used to create databases, update and retrieve information from the database, share data with multiple users, and manage the security of a database.

  • Multiple data views:

With SQL, database administrators can give different database users different views of the content and structure of the database.

  • Client/server support:

SQL can be used to connect clients (front-end computers) to servers (back-end databases), thus supporting the client-server architecture.

  • Desirable skill:

Today, SQL is a highly desirable prowess. Many jobs including web development, business data analysis, and IT support require strong SQL skills.

Applications of SQL Today

  • Data integration scripts:

Database developers and administrators use SQL to write data integration scripts. This is actually the main application of SQL.

  • Analytical queries:

Data analysts use SQL on a regular basis to set and run analytical queries.

  • Retrieve information:

This is another popular application of SQL. SQL is used to retrieve subsets of information in a database for various data processing activities.

SQL Coding Assignment Help

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Common SQL Commands


This is the simplest SQL statement that underpins nearly all the other commands. Just as the name suggests, this command is used to select information from a database. For instance, SELECT * FROM table. This statement has two parts. The first part (SELECT *) shows which columns you want to select. The use of an asterisk specifies that you would like to select all columns in the table.
The second part (FROM table) tells the database engine where you want to retrieve the data. You can replace the “table” with the name you have used for your table in the database.


This command is excellent for retrieving data. You can use it if you want to filter data. It is used to add conditions to the Select command and is usually appended at the end of the statement. For instance, SELECT age, first name FROM patients WHERE age > 15; This condition returns all names of patients who are older than 15 years old.


This command is used to arrange or sort the results returned. Just as Where function, Order it appended at the end of the statement. For example, SELECT first name, age FROM patients ORDER BY age ASC; This statement sorts patients’ age in ascending order. The order can be DESC for descending or ASC for ascending.


This command is used to connect related information or data stored in more than one table. You can join the first table to the second table and indicate how that data is connected. For instance, SELECT age, first name, height FROM patients RIGHT JOIN heights USING (first name); Here, the RIGHT JOIN syntax indicates that you are joining a table using a Right join type. Heights is the name of the table you want to join. The USING (first name) syntax indicates that the column (first name) is found in both tables. Hence, it is the key that joins the tables together.


This command is used to rename a table temporarily. It is like a nickname since it is only used within the transaction you are running. For example, SELECT X age. FROM patients X; You can use any name you like, but in this case, we use letters because they are easy to remember. This command can is exactly the same as, SELECT patients. age FROM patients; The letter X is used as an alias for the table named Patients.


Simply put, this command is used to add data to the database. Here is an example: INSERT INTO patients (first name, age) VALUES (‘Catherine’, 28); Here, Patients are the name of the table, first name and age are columns, and the VALUES syntax provides the values to insert.


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