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Cryptography Assignment Help

If you are struggling with your cryptography assignments then you have come to the right place. Programming Assignment Helper is a well-established website that helps students achieve top grades in assignments and projects under computer science. Cryptography is one of the most significant segments of computing and it is important for computer systems security. Cryptography has been used over the years to securely transfer information between computer systems and to maintain the integrity of information in transit.
For students, this highly interesting aspect of computer science seems to be causing huge trouble mainly due to the highly sophisticated algorithms required. Modern cryptography is highly dependent on mathematics and computer science and the processes of encryption and decryption are entirely based on the algorithms developed by techniques of mathematics using computers. Most students find these processes daunting and developing these algorithms is a nightmare no student would want to face. We at Programming Assignment Helper have hired highly experienced professionals in the field of cryptography and these are experts whose sole mission is to ensure students never fail in cryptography. Our experts provide help with tough cryptography assignments and projects where we provide professional solutions that will get you the top grades you yearn for.

An overview of cryptography

Cryptography basically involves the techniques of encryption and decryption of data. Conventionally, data would be encrypted in a given way and the sender would share the decryption key with the recipient to ensure only they can decode the encrypted information and access the original data. Today, cryptography is still applicable in many fields where sensitive data is used. The only difference is that cryptography today has been highly digitized and most of the encryption and decryption processes are computer-based. The ciphers used are complex computer algorithms that can only be decoded by computers. Even though some experts argue that it is possible to break these ciphers and obtain the hidden data, some of these ciphers are too complex and it is not practically possible to break even with a supercomputer because it would take years and years.

Types of Cryptographic techniques

  • Symmetric-key cryptography

This is a cryptographic method where both the sender and the receiver share the same key. This single key is used for both encryption and decryption of the data by both the sender and the recipient.

  • Public-key cryptography


In public-key cryptography, users do have at their disposal a private and a public key. The public key can be shared freely with the public while the private key has to be kept private. The Public key is used for encryption while the private key is used for decryption. Anyone who therefore encrypts information via a particular user’s public key means that information can only be decrypted by the private key of that particular user.

  • Hashing

The use of hash functions is not mainly cryptography but it is used to ascertain data integrity. Once the information has been hashed by a given function, any changes in the length of the hash value mean the information has been compromised.

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Cryptography deals with the encryption and decryption of data. Due to the advanced algorithms involved in handling the topic, the majority of students find it quite challenging to ace the same. We hence work with such students to help with their cryptography assignments and exams. Our FAQ segment answers any concerns you may have without necessarily having to call or email us.