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Table Of Contents
  • Prolog Assignment Help, Assignment Solution
  • What is Prolog?
  • Features of a Prolog Program
  • Application of the Prolog Language
  • Why do so many students turn to us when they are faced with Prolog assignments
  • Why we recommend that you avail our services
  • Features that make ProgrammingAssignmentHelper.com unique and reliable

Prolog Assignment Help, Assignment Solution

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What is Prolog?

Prolog is one of the computer languages used in artificial intelligence. Although it does not have the range of application that LISP has, it is highly regarded because of its elegant formulation. It was widely used in the Fifth Generation project because of its power in solving questions about relationships.

Features of a Prolog Program

  • Declaration of rules concerning relations
  • Declarations of the facts of the relations involved
  • Formulation of questions to be answered
Prolog Language has its roots grounded in first-order logic or first-order predicate calculus. It was developed in the early 70s by Alain Colmerauer in Marseille, France. It is mostly associated with and used in Expert systems, pattern matching over natural language parse trees, natural language processing, and theorem proving.
The first Prolog system was based on Robert Kowalski’s procedural interpretation of Horn clauses. The developers were also partly motivated by the desire to reconcile the use of logic as a declarative knowledge representation language with a procedural representation of knowledge.

Application of the Prolog Language

  • Planning in Robotics
  • Automated reasoning
  • Retrieval of intelligent database
  • Understanding of natural language
  • Machine Learning
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Why do so many students turn to us when they are faced with Prolog assignments

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