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How Our Prolog Assignment Help Can Explain Prolog?Prolog shares many similarities with SQL in that it is a declarative language, so you describe the problem rather than describing the solution. So, for example, in a family tree, a person is a sister of someone if they are female, and they are not th...

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Bharat W.
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Bharat W.
Ahmedabad, India
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Prolog Programming Helper

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Stanley J
Galle, Sri Lanka
Computer Science: University of Kelaniya
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I wholeheartedly recommend this programmer to the world after helping me with revision on a past paper. He also demystified to me how to use Prolog in machine learning, which I grasped my used to pass my end-semester exams. He has such a deep knowledge in Prolog, which he did not hesitate to share with me in the most professional way. This is the Prolog assignment expert that you need for your hard tasks. I can't praise him enough.

Levi, Russia -

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