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Table Of Contents
  • System Design Assignment Help
  • What is the system design?
  • The system design involves:
  • Types of system designs
  • Topics we handle
  • Why choose Programming Assignment Helper

System Design Assignment Help

System design is a key subfield of computer science and software engineering that is highly relevant for budding software developers. For many students, however, the theoretical study behind it is never interesting and most of those who study this course never get to attain the grades they desire due to the complex nature of various concepts under this subject. The challenge becomes more problematic whenever these students are required to solve assignments that relate to system design and have them submitted within a specified time frame.
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What is the system design?

System design refers to the whole process of designing, developing, and maintaining computer-based information systems in an organization. System designers define the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to meet some specified requirements. There are two stages of system design:
  • General design
  • structured/detailed design

General design

At this stage, the features of the new system are specified. The costs of implementing these features and the benefits to be derived are estimated. If the project is still considered to be feasible, we move to the detailed design stage

Detailed design

At this stage, computer-oriented work begins in earnest and the design of the system becomes more structured. Structured design is a blueprint of a computer system solution to a given problem having the Computer Applications’ same components and inter-relationships among the same components as the original problem.
Input, output, databases, forms, codification schemes, and processing specifications are drawn up in detail. In the design stage, the programming language and the hardware and software platform in which the new system will run are also decided.
There are several tools and techniques used for describing the design of the system. These tools and techniques are:
  • Flowchart
  • Data flow diagram (DFD)
  • Data dictionary
  • Structured English
  • Decision table
  • Decision tree

The system design involves:

  1. Defining precisely the required system output.
  2. Determining the data required for producing the output.
  3. Determining the medium and format of files and databases.
  4. Devising processing methods and use of software to produce output.
  5. Determine the methods of data capture and data input.
  6. Designing Input forms.
  7. Designing Codification Schemes.
  8. Detailed manual procedures.
  9. Documenting the Design.

Types of system designs

Logical Design

Logical design pertains to an abstract representation of the data flow, inputs, and outputs of the system. It describes the inputs (sources), outputs (destinations), databases (data stores), procedures (data flows) all in a format that meets the user requirements.
While preparing the logical design of a system, the system analyst specifies the user needs at a level of detail that virtually determines the information flow into and out of the system and the required data sources. Data flow diagrams, E-R diagram modeling is used.

Physical Design

Physical design relates to the actual input and output processes of the system. It focuses on how data is entered into a system, verified, processed, and displayed as output.
It produces the working system by defining the design specification that specifies exactly what the candidate system does. It is concerned with user interface design, process design, and data design.
It consists of the following steps:
  • Specifying the input/output media, designing the database, and specifying backup procedures.
  • Planning system implementation.
  • Devising a test and implementation plan, and specifying any new hardware and software.
  • Updating costs, benefits, conversion rates, and system constraints.

Architectural Design

It is also known as the high-level design that focuses on the design of system architecture. It describes the structure and behavior of the system. It defines the structure and relationship between various modules of the system development process.

Topics we handle

When it comes to providing our clients with reliable assignment help services, we are focused on ensuring we are a one-stop-shop for all their system design needs. We, therefore, provide assignment help for all the topics they might encounter in their study. Some of these topics include:
System development life cycleDesign strategiesImplementation and maintenance
System planningInput/Output and forms designSystem security and audit
Structured analysisTesting and quality assuranceObject-oriented design

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