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jQuery Assignment Help

The web is an integral part of our lives today and it has brought with ita high demand for web developers. JavaScript is a critical language for web developers (front-end developers to be specific) and it is dynamically changing as new technologies emerge.
JQuery is one of the significant JavaScript libraries used by web developers today and its popularity has forced many institutions of higher learning to add it to their curriculum. Students studying JavaScript are therefore likely to encounter jQuery and its complexity is pushing many students to seek help.
At Programming Assignment Helper, we understand how challenging jQuery can be and this is why we brought together jQuery experts to help students with the challenges they face. Our experts offer assignment help services, project help services, and tuition for those who need extra lessons in jQuery.
With our services, you can be sure that any challenges you face with jQuery programming are going to be solved by world-class jQuery tutors. They are highly qualified individuals with massive experience in web development, JavaScript and JavaScript technologies, and libraries. With their assistance, you can be sure that no assignment you encounter is unsolvable.

What is jQuery

JQuery is a JavaScript library that is mainly used in the manipulation of the Document Object Module (DOM). The DOM is simply a tree-structure for all the elements in a web page and jQuery makes it easy to find, select, and manipulate these elements.
Being a JavaScript library, jQuery simplifies the use of pure JavaScript on websites and makes it easier for web developers to implement complex JavaScript functionality with lesser code. Hence, its slogan is to write less, do more. However, it is always advisable for individuals to have solid JavaScript knowledge before learning jQuery. It is possible to implement all jQuery functions using JavaScript and a good understanding of jQuery can only be achieved by first having a good understanding of JavaScript.

What can be done with jQuery

JQuery can be used to find elements with certain properties, add or remove certain attributes from those elements, and even make such elements responsive to events such as a mouse click. Apart from DOM manipulation jQuery can also be used for event handling. For example, with jQuery, the event assignment and the event callback function definition are done in a single step in a single location in the code.
JQuery also makes it easier to manipulate CSS. Web developers can implement complex animations by manipulating CSS properties with just fewer lines of code. It also makes it simple to implement popular JavaScript functions such as fade-ins and fade-outs when hiding elements.

Advantages of using jQuery

For web developers, using jQuery is advantageous in many ways. Some of the common reasons why developers choose jQuery are:

  • Boosts productivity in the developers

Developers using jQuery tend to be more productive, covering more ground in lesser time compared to those who use pure JavaScript.

  • Saves time

With jQuery, most of the commonly used JavaScript functions have been already incorporated. The developer, therefore, doesn’t have to spend time re-writing these functions in JavaScript.

  • Simplifies JavaScript

Web developers who transition from using pure JavaScript to jQuery have admitted to how simple jQuery makes JavaScript. With jQuery, fewer mistakes are likely to occur, and hence debugging is much easier.

  • Jquery is free

jQuery is free, open-source software distributed under the MIT license. Developers can, therefore, download it and tap into its rich resources without having to spend.

  • Universal compatibility

jQuery is supported by all the modern web browsers including chrome, safari, firefox, and explorer.

  • Quick learning curve

jQuery is easy to learn for anyone with basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Having a good understanding of JavaScript is advantageous because all of jQuery is based on JavaScript.

JQuery assignment topics covered by us

At Programming Assignment Helper, we are dedicated to providing our clients with all-around support in jQuery programming. Our experts have a good understanding of JavaScript and they are proficient in jQuery as well. You, therefore, can be sure that whatever the topic you are challenged in, we can help. Tabulated below are some of the frequent topics that arise whenever students reach out to us for jQuery assignment help.
  • JQuery syntax
  • JQuery and CSS
  • JQuery traversing
  • JQuery AJAX
  • JQuery animation
  • JQuery plugins
  • JQuery slide, fade, show, and hide
  • JQuery events and selectors
  • JQuery callback
  • JQuery chaining
  • JQuery UI (theming, widgets, and interactions)
  • JQuery Get/Post

Why you should get help with jQuery

To save on time

jQuery assignments and projects are very time-consuming and students spend countless hours trying to get the assignments done on time. Bulky assignments become even more stressful because there’s a lot that needs to be done and the time allocated is never enough. As a result, many students end up performing poorly because they do these assignments in a hurry just to have them completed.
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