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Functions in SQL assignment help

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How to Use Functions in SQL

SQL supports simple queries like Select * from names where first = “Neil”, but you can use functions such as sum. SELECT SUM(Quantity * Price) AS total FROM Sales WHERE MONTH(Date)=2
which would select the total sales for February. This uses 2 functions, one is the SUM and the other is the MONTH which extracts just the month from a date. There are other functions such as MAX to find the maximum value, MIN to find the minimum value, AVG to find the average value.

Soundex coding is also present in SQL, and that allows you to compare strings by how they sound. For example
SELECT SOUNDEX ('Smith'), SOUNDEX ('Smythe');
This returns the same value, as trailing e does not always make a difference in the sound of the word, and y and I can be confused. This allows you to find names that are close to the one you are looking for. You can use DIFFERENCE to compare 2 different strings.

You can compare if a value is null with ISNULL, which is useful for detecting possibly invalid values.

If you are looking for SQL assignment help, we know that SQL can be fairly complex when it comes to data across multiple tables and having to use subqueries to fetch the data you need to examine, we have experts who understand the difference between an inner join and a regular join, can handle multiple clauses in the select statements, or write views that make it so that you have the output you want. There are some differences between the different SQL implementations, so make sure that you mention the version of SQL you are using if it is not explicitly mentioned in the assignment. PostgreSQL for example supports new features not present in other implementations, and it may be appropriate to use them when solving your assignment.

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