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How Our Java Experts Online Can Help with Guis?

Building a GUI is much more complicated than a command line based application, as you not only have to deal with the layout, but events can happen in an out of sequence order compared to the way you would write a text based program. One way you can simplify the GUI is to use a repository, where you add each component with a name, and you can then select a component by name, to change the text (or color, state, etc) and when a component triggers, the name is broadcast as well.

For adding menus, a routine that takes the top line, “File, Edit … Help” entry, with a string and the rest of the menu items, perhaps, “File/Load.../Save as.../Save/Recent>/---/Quit” you split on / and treat --- as a separator, and if the string ends in a > then remove that and add a sub menu. It should not just add the menu items, but set register them so that the name is passed back to the calling routine, so you can say if (event. equals(“load”)) or equivalent. You can also support accelerators, by using _ before the letter you want to use as the accelerator, and if a menu item starts with a – you can mark it as disabled.

When writing a GUI it is worth writing a small layer than acts as a controller, that helps integrate either Swing or JavaFX, and also means you can change the underlying UI without having to change the code. The other advantage of isolating the GUI with an intermediary layer is that you can made changes to the entire UI in a single place, rather than having to update multiple buttons if you just used Swing directly.

Writing a program that uses a GUI means you have to care about concurrency, so you can’t just iterate over a collection of components as they may change whilst you are iterating and then you get a consistency error. So changes must be deferred and you update the component list after it has finished rendering (or before it starts) rather than updating it immediately.

If you need help with programming a GUI or converting an existing text based program into a GUI version then we have experts who have been programming in Java for over a decade and can help you write code that matches the specifications and also works correctly, dealing with events that need to be sequenced (for example checking for multiple fields in an input form, so that they can be entered out of order without any issues). Our experts are located around the globe, with people in Europe, America and Australia and therefore we can work 24/7. New assignments are handled from 8AM-11PM (PST), so make sure you leave your email address if you want a quote outside those hours to make sure we can contact you.

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