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C++ Assignment Help with Guis

Java has Spring and more recently JavaFX but there is no standard library for writing a GUI in C++, so you will need to either write your own (a massive undertaking) or to use one of the cross-platform GUIs that exist. QT is one of the oldest cross-platform GUIs and doesn’t just work on desktop PCs but also on mobile, since it used to be owned by Nokia. It is fully up to date, supports keyboard, mouse as well as touch, and is the default GUI that is used on some versions of Linux.

An alternative is wxWidgets which has been around for even longer than QT, it uses the native operating system graphics functions and so the application will appear differently on the different platforms but it will be consistent with native applications on that platform.

I have used JUCE which was developed in the UK and allows you to design the GUI with a graphic user interface similar to the way Visual Studio works but in a cross-platform manner. It was designed for audio applications and therefore has greater support for audio than any of the other platforms. It also has a tool to create projects for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android IDEs, and has a fairly extensive library of none GUI features as well.

CEGUI is designed to meet the demands of games rather than productivity applications but has a fairly extensive set of components so it can provide a full UI for non-gaming applications as well. It relies extensively on XML files to configure the look and feel of the UI and runs on Direct X or OpenGL surface so that it integrates into the game seamlessly.

The last of the GUI is CEF or the Chromium Embedded Framework, which is basically a cut-down version of Google Chrome and is programmed using Html and CSS, with Javascript but it is not limited by Javascript since you can use C++ to do things that are not possible in Javascript such as reading and writing to arbitrary files. Since it uses the same technologies as the web, it is open for an end-user configuration where the user could modify the UI themselves by editing the Html.

Writing a program that uses a GUI is an order of magnitude harder than a command-line driven program, as events can come in an order that you are not expecting and you normally need to use multi-threaded code so that 1 thread maintains the GUI and the other thread does the work. So if you have to write a GUI program let us worry about the technical problems, and we can provide an implementation that will meet your needs. Make sure you specify the framework and platform you need your C++ GUI application to work on if it is not mentioned in the actual assignment directly.

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