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Useful tips for programming assignments

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6 Best Tips for Programming Assignment

If you are looking for someone to do my programming assignment, we can help no matter the programming language. Here are a few tips, that apply no matter which programming language you use.

Don’t bother adding comments that explain in words what is obvious to anyone who can program the language. Don’t write index++; //increment index but instead write index++; // skip this entry, as we are not interested in it. Also, put a block comment to explain the purpose of a complex routine (you don’t need them if it is a small routine that does something simple). /* Sort routine, using gap sort as this is efficient without drawbacks of quicksort. A variant of bubble sort, but instead of checking +1 it checks +gap, where the gap is size / 1.3 and then repeated with the gap being reduced by the same amount each time */ To put in brief “Explain why, not what”.
Using names that make sense for the code, can mean that comments can be redundant (apart from explaining an algorithm, which should still be done). For example def f2c(temp): return (temp – 32) * 5/9, I know it is to convert temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees centigrade, but it might not be obvious to everyone if it was instead written as def convert_fahrenheit_to_centigrade(fahrenheit): return (fahrenheit – 32) * 5/9 at least it would be clearer to others.
In the previous example I used the fahrenheit to centigrade conversion function, but it has magic numbers in it, the 32 could be replaced with a FREEZING_POINT constant, replacing the 5/9 could be replaced with a single floating point value but if you are dealing with integer values only, you may want two constants to represent the ratio, although I think in this case a comment may suffice.
Code size. Don’t make overlong methods, if the code doesn’t fit on the screen then see if there is any way to make it into 2 or more functions (these can be private functions, it’s just for legibility and testability).
It is worth using whichever testing platform you can, it’s much easier to find a problem if a test catches it rather than it happening somewhere in your program. One main advantage of tests is to stop regressions, which is where the code used to work, but suddenly stops. Hopefully, your tests will give an error and locate the method that is returning a different value than before, and since it is caught quicker it helps isolate the location of the problem.
Ideally use an online site like github to store your code, but even if you don’t make regular backups before you make large scale changes to the code, in case the program ends up worse than when you started, at least you have the option to go back to the original if you’ve been making regular backups.

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