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Python generator tricks

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3 Tricks with Python’s Generators

Python has generators that are not present in C++ or Java and they can simplify your code immensely. A generator is a function that can resume execution and can lead to very compact and readable code. Here are some examples of the type of Python assignment help we can provide in relation to the use of generators.

Prime numbers are common in a lot of mathematics and there is no formula for generating the nth prime number, although the sieve is useful it takes a lot of memory. Here is a simple generator that generates the primes up to the value of n.

def primes(n):

if n < 2:


yield 2

check = 3

while check <= n:

for test in range(3, int(sqrt(check)) + 1, 2):

if not check % test:



yield check

check += 2

And to use it, code like the following.

for prime in primes(30):


Handling large files. If a file is multiple gigabytes in size, you may want to process the data a line at a time. This is a simple generator that allows you to have comments in the file and returns a list of each line (simple CSV reader basically).

def process(file):

with open(file) as f:

for line in f:

text = line.strip()

if text.startswith('#'):


yield text.split(',')

You can nest generators, so you can have a generator that returns a file and then use the previous generator to process it.

def files(pattern, path = '.'):

regex = re.compile(pattern)

for file in os.listdir(path):

if regex.match(file):

yield file

You could use that like this.

for file in files("^.*\.csv$"):

for data in process(file):


Generators may sound complicated if you come from a Java or C++ background but as you can see they can be very simple pieces of code that simplify the core logic (so you don’t need to worry about dealing with comments in your data processing section of code, since that is already filtered out).

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