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Terms and conditions of using our programming assignment help service

There are several things that our clients should keep in mind when using our programming assignment help service. We have outlined these below to help you understand how our platform works.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to everyone who avails of the services of programming assignment helper. This includes those who visit our site. So before you place an order on any of our services please find time to go through them. We have used ‘we’ and ‘us’ to refer to our site which is programmingassignmenthelper.com and ‘you’ to refer to our clients and anyone using the site.

Our copyright statement

Programming assignment helper reserves all the rights mentioned in our policy section. We have patent every material in its entirety that is available on our website. Our website has exclusive ownership of all content that we provide. Our materials may only be printed for purposes other than commercial use. We do not permit our users to reproduce, modify or use the content on our website for commercial purposes.
We rightfully reserve all the rights as stated on the policy section of programmingassignmenthelper.com

Limitation of use

We provide exclusive services solely to you. You therefore cannot transfer your rights to someone else to receive our service without getting our consent first. A student must have a minimum age of 10years to be able to subscribe to our services. If you are below 10years then you are required to get permission from your parent or legal guardian. Our clients have limited authority of using our services for non-business purposes. You will have to get written consent from the programming assignment helper team to be able to reproduce, publish, copy, modify, or distribute our content.
If you violate any of our terms and conditions then we will have no choice but to suspend your account and the license of availing our services.
By going ahead to use the services provided by the programming assignment helper, you agree that you will only use our materials for academic purposes. Under no circumstance should you use our content to get course credit or grade.


We are not responsible for any delay or interruption you may encounter while accessing our site. We are not liable for any damage or loss of information on your computer when you visit our site. We however can guarantee you that we use a verified software and are prepared to support you. Although we cannot guarantee that you will not meet any errors while accessing our site, we would like you to know that our experts are dedicated to ensuring that your visit is smooth sailing. Programming assignment helper can limit your access to our site in case of scheduled maintenance and updates. You cannot hold us responsible if you end up failing in your assignment as a result of the closure of our website.
Our team always strives and puts in extra effort to provide you with exceptional solutions for your assignments. We gladly do revisions and rework if you feel that our work is not up to standard. You cannot get a refund though if you fail in your coursework because we treat each assignment as a product and once sold cannot be returned.


Failure to enforce any of the terms mentioned above either partially or entirely does not affect the legitimacy or validity of other terms in the contract.

Amending the terms and conditions

The programming assignment helper has full authority to make changes and modify the terms and conditions without consulting you. We encourage you to always check for updates on our terms and conditions because the current version will always supersede any of the past versions.

Termination of Agreement

Programming assignment helper can terminate the service agreement at any time it sees it fit. The current terms and conditions agreed upon by the programming assignment helper and the client will overwrite and end all past agreements.

No Guarantee

Programming assignment helper is dedicated to ensuring maintaining high-quality standards and accuracy for our services. However, we cannot assure the user that he/she should expect a specific outcome