Spaceship Distance Calculation in Java Homework Sample

Assume we have a spaceship that can double it’s speed each day, and by the end of day 1 it has a velocity of 1000 miles per day. You can avoid any relativistic calculations, so you don’t need to check if it gets near the speed of light. After 4 days it will be traveling at 8000 miles per day, and so for a given number of days how fast is the ship traveling and how far would it have traveled. For help with your Java homework assignment contact us for a quote.


//check if the input is 0, or a negative, because the space craft would not have traveled
if (daysInput <= 0)
distance = 0;
speed = 0;
//it was not a 0 or negative number
speed = 1000; // end of day 1
distance = 500; // distance at end of day 1
//begin a loop, that starts at 1 and is less than days entered
for (int i = 1; i < daysInput; i++)
//the space craft doubles it’s speed every day
speed *= 2;

//distance is calculated with speed * time.
//divide by 2 to get the average
distance = distance + 3*speed/4;

3*speed/4 is equivalent to ((daystartspeed)+ (dayendspeed))/2 . it has to be added to previous days distance.