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How Our SCALA Assignment Help Can Explain SCALA?

Scala is based on Java and runs with the JVM (Java virtual machine), so it can easily be integrated with existing Java code and can use Java libraries (and Java can use libraries that are written in Scala). Scala operates as a mixed model language, with functional code as well as to object orientated code. It provides features not present in Java such as operator overloading, optional parameters, and named parameters. Since Java is not a functional language it also adds features such as currying, immutable variables, lazy evaluation and pattern matching.

Instead of static class you use object instead of class, which creates a singleton instance of the class. Lines do not need to end with a ; and the last expression in a routine is automatically returned (you don’t need to write return although it is still legal to do so). Val is used for a variable that doesn’t change (a final variable in Java terms) and var is used for a regular variable. You can also avoid using . And () when calling a function, so instead of user.getName() you can just use user getName, and to access an array element you use () instead of []. Instead of void use Unit, which is a singleton class, and by default everything is public in Scala.

Scala also allows you to define functions using symbols in the name, so + is a valid name for a function in Scala, and since methods can be called without using () it means date + duration can be a valid expression depending on the code. Scala also automatically generates constructors, getters and setters which uses the order the class parameters are defined in, and also allows for default values.

Scala also allows you to modify an existing class, such as Int so you can add new functions such as a rotate left or rotate right, and also has support for parallel execution and can be easily uses with the map function.

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